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The Aunties of Inclusion™ are pushing forward diversity,
and equity
through growth learning from similarities and differences.


The story about The Aunties of Inclusion™

Meet Liz and Shara. An unlikely pair who connected through an assignment in West Africa, a near impossible work request, a pandemic pool day, and hoop earrings. Affectionately known as the Aunties of Inclusion™, Liz and Shara both share a passion to create impactful change.

Join Liz and Shara as they explore and empathize how to value the similarities shared with others, the differences they are curious to discover, and the tools they have found helpful. They are about growth, inclusion and enjoying the human across from you. They want to have the conversation no matter how difficult it is to have. They are looking beyond DEI academically and promoting accountability, celebration and curiosity.

Their vision is to build a community where people can be completely themselves, navigating fear while being courageous and transforming insight to action. They embody the lessons of their abuelitas, where caring for others isn’t hospitality but the essence of who you are, how you survive, and how you are known. It’s a legacy.

Meet the
Aunties of Inclusion™



Liz is a native Houstonian who loves to travel and experience different cultures. She believes in the power of community and empowering people to be their most authentic selves. Liz’s mission comes from a personal experience in feeling the need to assimilate in order to be successful. Her journey came full circle returning to her latin roots and redefining the meaning of success.


Advanced Leadership and Performance

Shara by way of Washington, DC and many more places thereafter, has paved her own path to do what she loves by creating spaces for others that were not easy for her to navigate. She is known for her ability to spark a conversation with anyone in hopes to listen with the intent to connect people and ideas to deliver solutions. Don’t expect to be coddled, but to be empathetically supported and pushed— an accountability partner. Shara’s mission is clear— progress not perfection- with a heavy hand on the progress.

The Aunties of Inclusion™ Values

Our purpose is to build community where people’s experiences and stories become our shared journey in advancing diversity, inclusion, and equity.

We will work towards and partner with those who are:

Actively investing through effort, engagement or financially in under-represented people or communities

Accountable, transparent, and willing to share their DEI journey—the pros and cons

Embodying allyship by intentionally making space, using their power, influence, advocating, mentoring, developing, and mentoring under-represented groups

Proud of creating courageous workplaces for talent to thrive and build communities

Vulnerable, compassionate, and willing to motivate people and communicate joy

Actively seeking the voice of under-representing groups

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