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Coach Tony - A Story About True Allyship, Mentorship and Sponsorship

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Join us as we continue pushing forward DEI conversations no matter how difficult they are to have. This podcast is about growth, inclusion, and appreciating the humans around you. Engagement and discussion are critical to self-growth, and we won’t shy away from the tough stuff. The title of this episode is simply Coach Tony – A Story About True Allyship, Mentorship and Sponsorship. Other titles include Coaching with a Focus on Legacy and Impact, Coaching Through Faith, Leading and Reaching Back. Tony Farmer is a seasoned leader with over 20 years of experience in the private and public sectors. An influencer who develops and implements comprehensive diversity and inclusion strategies. A proven leader who builds and leverages a diverse, collaborative network to create innovative solutions to complex issues. Join us as we talk about coaching, purpose, impact and legacy!

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