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Coaching Through Art with Dr. Erika Powell Ed.D

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Society & Culture

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Join us, The Aunties of Inclusion, as we continue pushing forward diversity, inclusion, and equity through growth and learning. This week, we are connecting diversity, equity, and inclusion through art and nature with guest Dr. Erika Powell, Ed.D of The Powell Consulting Group.  Dr. Erika Powell has a background in Cultural Anthropology, Intercultural Communication, and Instructional Technology & Design. She has various passions including: Passion #1: Creating a workplace where people from diverse backgrounds & walks of life can come together in ways that foster authentic & meaningful connection, that also honors the power of their lived experiences in this country and abroad, and that lives up to promise of inclusion, equity, and belonging for all.  Passion #2: Creating business value, driving efficiencies, and producing positive results and impact through learning and development, employee engagement, & diversity, equity, inclusion & belonging initiatives. She is also passionate about her 2 adorable furbabies.

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