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Coaching with a DEI Lens-CoachDiversity Institute (CDI)

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Join us as we continue pushing forward DEI conversations no matter how difficult they are to have. This podcast is about growth, inclusion, and appreciating the humans around you. Engagement and discussion are critical to self-growth, and we won’t shy away from the tough stuff. Dr. Towanna Burrous, President, CoachDiversity Institute (CDI) is a best-selling author, trainer, and ICF professional certified coach (PCC) based in Washington, DC. As a much sought-after executive coach, Towanna’s mission is to empower diverse communities through executive coaching. Her role is to test, re-test, and ultimately drive the organization’s overarching vision, strategy, and tactical direction. Join us as we discuss our very personal experience with the CoachDiversity Institute coaching program. Our goal was to uncover Towanna’s story that she rarely shares during class. The result, we took a lot of notes and had another life changing experience during this episode. Liz and Shara share their stories with Towanna on the impact that CDI had in their personal and professional lives.

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