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DEIB in Media and Technology with Dr Joanna Jenkins

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Join The Aunties of Inclusion as we continue pushing forward diversity, inclusion, and equity through growth and learning. This week, we have guest Dr. Joanna Jenkins who talks with us about DEIB in media and technology. Dr. Jenkins is a creative scholar-practitioner, with well over 15 years of experience at the intersection of creative, communication industry and education. Joanna drives insights and prepares inclusive spaces for culturally and ethically competent students and professionals to thrive in their education and careers.  Joanna is experienced in K-12, collegiate, graduate, professional and executive studies. Her educational expertise includes inclusive curricula, culturally informed teaching methods, universal learning design, critical analysis and equity strategies. She is particularly interested in championing the needs and leadership of historically excluded populations in education and underrepresented professions in STEAM (A/ARTS), media, advertising and strategic communication.  In roles of Consultant, Associate Dean, Academic Program Coordinator, Professor, Creative Director, Designer and Strategist, Joanna has a proven track record in audience engagement, program development, visual communications, curricula design, training, research, planning, DEI and corporate social responsibility. A Scholar with Rutgers’s Center for Minority Serving Institutions, her research and teaching encompass a range of eclectic and interconnected topics including convergence, media representation, inclusive leadership and visual communication.  Her latest works include the textbook Advertising Creative, Strategy, Copy & Design (Sage Publications), Insecure #Awkward and Winning: Intersectionality in the works of Issa Rae (Peter Lang Publications) and ADColor’s State of the Workplace Study: Retention Outlook Through a DEI Lens.  Joanna is an active mentor and alumni of Pratt and Howard University.

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