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Design for Identity with Jessica Bantom

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Join The Aunties of Inclusion as we continue pushing forward diversity, inclusion and equity through growth and learning. This week, we are joined by author, speaker, consultant, and designer Jessica Bantom who recently wrote the book Design for Identity: How to Design Authentically for a Diverse World. Design is expression, a service, an act of creativity. But if designers design for everyone, how can there be so little diversity in the profession? In this book, Jessica Bantom examines the implications of design in everyday life, from spaces and products to images and the fashion industry. Jessica Bantom is a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging (DEIB) practitioner and workplace strategist whose goals are to help organizations develop customized strategies for transformational change and to enable individuals to take immediate action to become more inclusive. She is a skilled speaker and certified facilitator and coach with a passion for helping people and organizations reach their full potential and actualize the values of inclusion and belonging from the work team up to the enterprise level. More on Jessica Bantom here:

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