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Latinas Excelling at Doctoral Degrees (L.E.A.D.D.)

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Join The Aunties of Inclusion as we continue pushing forward diversity, inclusion, and equity through growth and learning. In this episode of More Than Words Podcast, The Aunties of Inclusion delve into the inspiring journey of Latinas Excelling at Doctoral Degrees (LEADD). They sit down with Dr. Biance Neal from LEADD to explore their story, mission, and vision, shedding light on the unique challenges faced by black and brown women navigating the path to graduate school. The conversation begins with an exploration of the LEADD program’s mission and vision, uncovering its dedication to empowering Latina scholars in pursuing doctoral degrees. The hosts pose the question: ”What is the mission and vision of LEADD?” Transitioning to another aspect of their work, we delve into Dr. Bianca Neal’s, ”Con Ganas,” offering insights into its purpose and impact. Join The Aunties of Inclusion in this enlightening conversation as they celebrate the resilience and determination of Latinas Excelling at Doctoral Degrees, inspiring listeners to support and uplift underrepresented voices in academia and beyond.

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