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LGBTQ+ in Education with Brandi Lira

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Join us as we continue pushing forward DEI conversations no matter how difficult they are to have. This podcast is about growth, inclusion, and appreciating the humans around you. Engagement and discussion are critical to self-growth, and we won’t shy away from the tough stuff. Joining The Aunties of Inclusion in this episode is Brandi, who is passionate about improving the lives of marginalized youth and advocating for equity in education. Brandi is a first-generation college graduate and professional born and raised in Houston, Texas. She earned each of her college and graduate degrees from the University of Houston – Main Campus. Brandi began her career in education 15 years ago as an English and English as a Second Language teacher at a large comprehensive high school. In 2012, she made the transition into school leadership as an assistant principal then moved into the principal position at a high performing high school where she earned the title Principal of the Year for the East Area twice. To support her passion, she spends her time volunteering throughout the city and was recently elected as the Board Secretary for Out for Education, a non-profit organization dedicated solely to providing college scholarships for LGBTQA+ youth in Houston. Brandi has two life partners: Mathew and Libby with whom she has been since 2010 and 2017 respectively. Together, their family has two children named Apollo and Clementine and one chihuahua-papillon mix named Herman. More information on Out for Education, can be found here:

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