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The Equity of Self-Care with Melanie Ryan

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Join us as we continue pushing forward DEI conversations no matter how difficult they are to have. This podcast is about growth, inclusion, and appreciating the humans around you. Engagement and discussion are critical to self-growth, and we won’t shy away from the tough stuff. Are you ok? Each day, we navigate the question “are you ok”. Often we have an automated response and other times we use it as an opportunity to share, but let’s take it a step further and talk about how we care for ourselves. Join us as we explore this topic with Melanie Ryan, CEO of MFR Coaching and Consulting about the equity of selfcare and how that has different meanings. For some, self-care looks like taking care of basic necessities and for others it’s taking a walk with a friend. Either one is necessary for our well-being. How are we putting ourselves a priority without feeling selfish or guilty? Melanie has over twenty years of experience in leadership, culture development, building equitable teams and facilitating individual growth. She is known for her ability to connect what people say to underlying root issues.

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